Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Oh, To Have Energy Like A Kid Again...

Kids are amazing for so many reasons. One thing I find most fascinating about them is how they are able to play at such high levels of intensity for such extended periods of time... without seeming the least bit tired. I mean, sometimes I get exhausted just watching my daughter run around! 

At Kimber's birthday party this past Sunday (my baby is 3 already..wow!), the children were all pumped up! They were running and playing; just having a blast. I heard a couple people comment on their energy levels by using the popular phrase, "I wish I had that kind of energy." It got me to thinkin'. And you know what, I think we can get back some of that energy. In fact, I know we can!

When I get home from work after a long day, it can be tough to round up the energy to play. Sometimes there is just too much to do and playing around isn't really an option. You know how the chores and dinner preparations can be. But on most evenings, there is time. So when my daughter wants me to play ball with her, or go for a walk, or help her play bubbles, or her favorite game "git me" (this is where she runs and I run after her; 2-player tag), I absolutely have to say "YES"! No matter how tired I may be, this is when I need to suck it up and just play!

Forget about the exhaustion.

Forget about the stress.

Just play!

Our kids are giving us the chance to be young again. Instead of envying their energy from the sidelines, we need to just jump right in and join 'em! Once we do, our energy will go up! Why? Because we become happy and healthier by playing!

So grab hold of that infectious energy your child is exuberating and just have fun playing like a kid again. That's one fun way to be a healthier person; in your mind and in your body.

Have a great Tuesday...and just play!


  1. I totally hear ya. I was exhausted and in the middle of doing the dishes tonight...but I definitely stopped to play trains!

  2. I am constantly reminded of how little energy I have now at the end of the day while watching my two year old go crazy after dinner time. But no matter how tired I make it work and I end up getting so much out of it!



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