Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: The "Cookin' Lean" Gene

Ask Lady Gaga how she stays fit and she'll probably say she was just "born that way." Ask the beautiful and talented Julia Roberts and she'll say it was Pilates that put her in a "League of Her Own". For Jennifer Hudson, she will sing praises to Weight Watchers for pointing her in the right direction. Lots of celebrities have different "secrets" to staying fit and slim; all ranging from unbelievable to completely impractical. There are flying trapeze workouts, 7-day cleanses, super-expensive trainers and well, those people that claim to just naturally keep weight off. Although I believe we are all super-stars in our own lives, we still aren't celebs with access to live-in chefs and world renown fitness experts. So how do us real people stay fit, healthy and lookin' good?

One thing is for sure. If there is a "naturally thin and fit gene" out there, I sure as heck didn't get it! Don't worry Mom and Dad, I ain't mad at cha. I love who I am and I have found a way to stay happy and healthy on my own...just as you have. I wasn't blessed with a "skinny" gene, but I guess you could say I created my own: The Cookin' Lean Gene.

Getting ready to cook with Paula last June.
To bless myself with this Cookin' Lean Gene, I had to begin teaching myself how to cook; becoming more familiar with cooking techniques, trying new foods and experimenting with recipes by making them...well, you know...lean. The more I played around with recipes, learned more about healthy ingredients, cooked at home and ate out less; the stronger that Cookin' Lean Gene got. It was a flippin' miracle! Well, not really. It's just about smarter cooking and eating. The great thing about the Cookin' Lean Gene is that anyone can develop it. It loves people of all sizes, shapes and ages. Not happy with your genetics? Just invite a new one in.

The Cookin' Lean Gene has worked for me; better than anything else I have ever tried. Before learning to cook, I was about 15 pounds heavier. Not much has changed with my workouts, but a lot has changed with how I prepare food and "indulge" in my favorite dishes. It's not a gimmick or a fad diet. It's a way of life...a new way of life for me and my family. I can easily say I attribute my weight loss (and maintenance) to the Cookin' Lean Gene! I feel better, have more energy AND my meals are a whole lot more exciting!

Next time anyone asks how you look so fab, just tell them you've got the Cookin' Lean Gene!

 Have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. The cookin lean gene is awesome girl and I am so proud of all the weight you have lost. I didn;t know you before then but I know you look killer good now so you did something right!

  2. That is an excellent gene to have. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to cook.

  3. I need the cookin lean gene!



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