Monday, June 20, 2011

Rockin' The Bump

Some women love being pregnant. Others can't wait for it to end. I was one that LOVED being pregnant. I never felt more healthy or beautiful than I did when I was pregnant with Kimberlyn. I couldn't wait for that little baby bump to start showin'.  I embraced every part of  "Rockin' the Bump"!

Shell over at Things I Can't Say had this fun idea for mommies to show off those bumps by posting pics of their "Rockin' Bumps" and linkin' them up. I couldn't resist! Going through all the baby bump pics has been so great. I love seein' women embracing pregnancy; proud of what their body has blessed them to do and just "Rockin' The Bump!" They look gorgeous!

Here are some pics of me "Rockin' The Bump" with the most important person in my life, Kimberlyn. I had no idea that once that bump became a baby, my life would never be the same. I am one lucky lady. I love, love, LOVE my life being Kimber's mommy.

The Kimber Bump.
Typical me, not sure what to do with 2 piece of bread. That was me before Cookin' Lean started!

Lovin' those Cheez-Its!

Belly vs. The Bump!

Getting Kimber's baby suite ready!!

While going through these pictures, I stumbled upon this video. Apparently there was something about being pregnant made me feel like an awesome dancer. This was too rediculous not to share. I was pregnant with Kimber when Paula Abdul came out with her single "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow". I think I wanted to audition for the music video. Check it out!

Want to join in on the fun? Visit Shell and get the details. Hurry! The link up ends on Monday night (6/20). That's tonight!

Have a great Monday! And if you are expecting...Rock That Bump!


  1. I had a miserable pregnancy and the delivery was even worse. I never blamed my son, it wasn't his fault in any way. But I was in no hurry to ever become pregnant again. I had toxemia and both he and I almost died. I still have stretch marks on my CALVES from how much my legs blew up with fluid. I have no pictures of myself from when I was pregnant. I kind of regret that at this vantage point, but I never thought I was very attractive anyway and I thought being pregnant made me uglier still.

  2. Oh, that video is AWESOME!!! Must go tweet this. :)

    Thanks for joining in!

  3. aww you are adorable & I so love the video!

  4. That is awesome! And you dance better pregnant than I can ever hope to in this lifetime!!

  5. I love the belly vs. the bump picture, and I really like that you included a picture of Kimberlyn...what came out of that bump!

  6. I'd say you rocked the bump like no one else! Awesome. You are too adorable!

  7. Congrats ladies... I am afraid I would qualify as one of the bellies, but you all look so happy, free and alive!!!



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