Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: What Would Your Calorie Free Food Be?

Riding into work this morning, two teachers and I got on the topic of great food. Imagine that! We started talking about the fabulous bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches with hot sauce from Greenwood Grocery and moved right on to the BBQ brisket, ribs and sandwiches at Jordan Springs Market. Let's not forget the Red Velvet ice cream my husband found on Sunday or the Pack's frozen custard stands we sometimes find impossible to drive by without stopping in for a blackberry shake. Thank goodness someone called one of us and ended that conversation. The cravings were gettin' a little out of control.

Now you have probably noticed that aside from unbelievable flavor, these foods have something else in common...fat and calories. Because I don't believe in total restriction for any food, I do treat myself to these things occasionally. How else would I know how awesome they are? They are high in taste but low on the nutritional spectrum, so I don't eat them as much...or I try not to. But what if they were good for us? 

Let's have a little fun here.

What if, in a perfect world, these sinful treats were fat and calorie free?

If you could take one of your favorite indulgent foods and make it calorie and fat free...what would it be?

What is the ONE food you would love to eat without worrying about how many "points" or minutes on the treadmill it was going to cost you?

Mine? Probably the beer battered, deep-fried chicken fingers from Brewbaker's Restaurant in Winchester, VA. I can't remember the last time I had those things. Somehow my willpower manages to take over. I'll tell you what though, if this were Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate...FRIED, those chicken fingers would be my "Best Thing".

So...what's your calorie free food wish? Let's hear 'em!


  1. oh now this is simple- cookies and ice cream ( can i pick two?) i have to have cookies and ice cream every night- i know its bad but I gotta!

  2. Simple - donuts. All kinds, any kinds. I LOVE donuts. Got a "lean" donut recipe?! :)

  3. I would like some calorie free cupcakes please!



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