Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Do You Run Like A Girl?...and a GIVEAWAY!

Run Like a Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy LivesA couple weeks ago, I shared with you a little about my most recent read, Run Like A Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives, written by Mina Samuels. It's a book about how the confidence women gain through participating in sports has the power to transform their lives in significant ways. I'm a HUGE believer in this! I credit running and athletics to my own confidence. Even on a daily basis, taking a run can clear my mind and remind me of the strength that lives within me. There is a strong woman in all of us; a woman that is often unleashed when sports come into play.

I am just turning the first pages on this book and ready to dive in. After just the first paragraph I am pumped up and ready to read. Here is a little snip taken from Chapter 1: Do You Run Like a Girl?:

" What is running like a girl, anyway? It's getting out there. Challenging ourselves. Finding new possibility within. Finding strength in our own accomplishments. It's accessing out ageless girl spirit, where the enthusiastic "let's go" of youth meets the "I can" of experience.
Sounds great! Sign me up.
So why don't we all run like girls, all the time?"

I'm interested to find what the answer to this is. Aren't you?

If you would like to experience what Run Like A Girl is all about...just enter this GIVEAWAY!!

I have one copy for one lucky lady who wants to be inspired and reminded on the important role athletics plays in the lives of young girls and women alike.


Leave a comment sharing why you would like to read Run Like A Girl.
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GIVEAWAY DETAILS:  Open to all US residents. All entries will be accepted until Monday, June 20, 2011 at 11:59 pm ET. The winner will be announced on next Tuesday's Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday post, June 21, 2011.


  1. I'm almost positive that I run like a very awkward girl, but running is definitely not my thing! Would love to get my hands on this book to be inspired. I was never an athletic kid but love the feeling I get after I have rocked out at the gym!

  2. I'm hoping this will be my motivation to get up and move! Would love to read it!

  3. i have been walking for several weeks with my niece, she is 29 and I am 55. Sometimes i think that I am holding her back and she wants to gooooo! I would love to be able to run like the wind with her!

  4. Oh have heard great things about this book. I always heard that saying growing up. I dont know if it is more of a southern thing or what but it is just what everyone said to one another when daring them to do something or pickin on them. I would love to read this book! Sounds perfect for me and my mom actually. I must tell her about it. Anyway, I already follow you on twitter and GFC



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