Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: If It Isn't What I Eat, Then What Could It Be?

Last week, my husband Rudy allowed me to open up about his personal struggle with weight gain; more specifically, weight loss. Despite his attempts to cut calories in and increase calories out, the poor guy can't seem to lose any weight. It simply doesn't add up! Our first thought was maybe that the weekends were sabotaging his efforts. Perhaps the extra calories (liquid calories included) from Friday to Sunday were reversing all the hard work throughout the week? It was a good theory, so we tested it out.

From Monday to Friday, he was a working-out, eatin'-healthy maniac. Everything he ate was fresh and lean. His workouts were consistant and even exceeded his efforts from the previous week. So what happened when he got on the scale Friday morning? He gained a pound! What?!?! Can you imagine his dissappointment. Nothing wrecks someone's weight-loss motivation like a "+ pound(s)" on the scale. My heart sank. I felt his pain and frustration too.

So...what in the world is going on here? There has to be an explanation. We can't just give up . We put our heads together and came up with a few possible, rational explanations to consider. Here's what we have so far:

Explanation #1: Muscle Gain ~ The exercising could be changing his fat to muscle; resulting in inches lost, not neccessarily pounds. If you have ever watched shows such as Heavy or The Biggest Loser, this happens on occassion. If this is the case, continuing to workout and eat well should eventually lead to weight loss. He just has to stick to it and fight through the urge to become discouraged.

Explanation #2: Thyroid Issue ~ Kristal from Knit1Kids4 left a comment last week that asked if we had ever considered a thyroid issue. Yes, we had, but not seriously. Since he isn't losing weight, I think it's time to seriously revisit this possibility. Hypothyroidism does cause weight gain, along with some other symptoms Rudy is experiencing. It is worth getting it checked out.

Explanation #3: Secret Whoopie Pie Stash in His Car ~ This would explain it, but we are going to have to debunk this theory. There is just no way anyone can keep Aunt Carla's Whoopie Pies within my reach and me not know about it!

That's what we have so far. I will keep you updated and informed as we learn more about what factors could be impacting Rudy's ability to lose weight. If you all have any ideas, please chime in and share with us. There's got to be an explanation why a 32-year-old guy can't seem to lose weight. We are going to get to the bottom of this.

Have a terrific Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Here is a list I gathered that might help you with the Thyroid thoughts... I got on my soap box about after a certain television personality got "cured"....




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