Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to Kimber's Korner

"Where even if you're 2, there's still so much you can do!"

Hi everybody! You all may have seen me around here from time to time. I'm Kimber!

For as long as I can remember, my mom has really been into cookin' and sharing what we do around here with all of you. I love helping her out in the kitchen. She lets me stir, pour in ingredients, wear a cute little apron and even sneak samples of what we are cookin' as we go! It's really cool being a part of Mommy's blogging thing, but I was thinkin' that it would be even cooler to have a place of my very own in The Cookin' Lean Kitchen. A place for kids that love to cook...just like me! Well, I shared my idea and Mommy said, "I love it! Go for it!" So friends, I am proud and pumped to announce the unveiling of my very own spot here at . Welcome to Kimber's Korner!

Please come by and visit me here at Kimber's Korner; where I will be sharing tips, recipes and how-to videos for many of my favorite, kid-friendly dishes.

 Thanks, friends!  ~ 



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  1. what an adorable idea! love it, just stopping by with a little wave. looking forward to seeing the article this week!



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