Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Don't Get Sooooo Hungry!

I would say that the #1 thing we do to sabotage our livin' lean lifestyles is to let ourselves get too hungry. We are busy people. I get that. But there is always time to get down a nutrition bar or a handful of almonds. We just need to be prepared. I mean, who wouldn't devour a left-over container of lo mien and half a bag of chips after work if they hadn't eaten since 9 a.m.? Let's not let ourselves get to this point. Here's what to do:
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Stash the Goods~ Keep a drawer at work stocked full of healthy, quick snacks; a container of nuts, Kellogg's Special K bars, etc.

Keep Road Treats~ In the car a lot? Keep "car friendly" snacks in your car. You know, the kind that don't melt. (Guess that leaves the chocolate out!)

Stay Hydrated~ Always have a bottle of water on you. It keeps you hydrated and helps you stay satisfied until the next feeding time.

The Rule of 3~ Try to have a little something (100-200 calories) every 3 hours, even if you aren't hungry. If you are like me, the hunger comes without warning and them I am ready to anything in site. Don't get to that point. Plan ahead and keep yourself fed! Snacks containing protein and carbohydrates are best (example: light string cheese and an apple)

It’s a simple concept for livin’ lean, yet it is something I must remind myself of every single day. From the moment I set foot out of bed, I am go, go, go! Many of you are probably the same. We need to keep ourselves fueled for these hectic lives of ours, otherwise, we crash. Never allow your tank to go empty and you will never find yourself desperate for the first sign of fuel you see; willing to accept junk in place of quality stuff.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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  1. Great advice!!! I need to definitely drink more water - thanks for the reminder!



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