Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: SAVANNAH & RWOP

We are going to skip talkin' about the usual today. Let's focus on what is really happening right now and that is SAVANNAH and the Real Women of Philadelphia. One word can describe this whole experience thus far; amazing. From the people we meet, the things we do, to the places we go. It has been absolutely amazing! In my whole life I never could have imagined such an experience and amazing opportunity. Kraft, Paula Deen and the fabulous people at EQUAL have created something that I hope continues on for many years to come. What a bond that has been started here. I really can't explain; without getting all choked up (water works here). When you are surrounded by such great, genuine people, it's hard not to. In a time when we seem to only hear about the bad things in the world, it is a breath of fresh air to know there are still so many good people out there. I really believe that this community of women is actually a compliment to Paula; she simply attracts good people. She is a class act. And let me tell ya, there is one Paula. What you see on TV is exactly what you get in person...only 100 times better!

The best way to see what has been happening is to visit the site and see for yourself. Please take a moment and check out the great pics and video at realwomenofphiladelphia.com. More pics and details from me to follow. Love ya'll!

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