Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Late Spring Pantry Cleaning

Yes, it is June 1st and we may be well into spring, but it is never too late to do a little cleaning. I am not talking windows and closets. I am talkin’ about those pantries!

During my daughter’s birthday party this weekend (I still can’t believe my baby girl is 2!), my kitchen had plenty of dips, chips, cheeses and other “snacky” foods for all our guests to enjoy. As my friend Shawna and I talked up a storm, we were unaware of the nice size dent we had made in the bowl of chips and dip that were conveniently located in front of us. It was like we had no awareness of what we were eating. Reach for chip, dunk in dip, put in mouth. Repeat. Chips and dip are just so good and it is really hard to stop. After commenting on the amount of salty snack food we had just indulged in, Shawna then said, “This is why I can’t keep chips in the house. I don’t know when to stop.” She is so smart! I thought about what she said and it made sense. Shawna is onto something here.

So with that little comment, I found myself writing this post topic today. Controlling our urges to over-snack on tempting treats such as chips, crackers and cookies can be as easy as a little spring cleaning. If they aren’t in the house, you can’t eat them. It may be worth taking the time to go through your pantry today and rid yourself of all those foods that distract us from everyday healthy eating. The ones we grab from the shelf, take to the couch and end up finishing off. Those are the ones that need to go. If the temptation is too much and the accessibility is what is sabotaging your eating habits, set them free!

If you still want to keep those foods in the house in case company pops in and you need a quick appetizer, try putting them in a hard to reach spot or behind healthier items. Perhaps if they are out of sight, they will also be out of mind. I always have tortilla chips and a variety of crackers, but they are on the top or bottom shelf; never at eye level. The first thing we see should be our healthiest choices.

One more item to note; instead of throwing away all of those unopened bags and boxes of goodies, check with local organizations or food banks. There are always people in need. Let’s not waste food. Make your spring pantry cleaning a positive thing for you and for others.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. absolutely right...

    If you don't buy it, don't keep it in the house, you don't have to worry about upping the exercise to work it off... Great series and post



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