Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Trim Down Turkey Time

It's almost time to start the most food-filled time of the year! From Thanksgiving to New Years Day can feel like a 5-1/2 week long buffet! Thanksgiving is just over a week away and I am already hearing references to "finding fat pants" and "falling into food comas". Yes, this is a time when it is expected to let loose a little, have fun and maybe indulge a bit. But as we know, there are ways to make our favorite dishes without completely blowing our nutritional budget.

I wanna hear from you!

What's your favorite, fat-filled, gravy-laced, breaded, fried or sugar covered Thanksgiving dish?

Would you like to see it done "Cookin' Lean Style"?

Paula Deen's Lean: Fried Bacon Mashed Potatoes
Challenge me. Tell me what you crave for Turkey Day and I will test it out before the guests arrive next Thursday.

I can't do 'em all, so the first few in will get the makeover. You know I love my Food Network Stars, so if it is one of their recipes...even better!

I'm pumped to see what your favorite Thanksgiving dishes are. I'm even more excited to try them in the Cookin' Lean Kitchen!

Start thinkin' and post those requests!

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