Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Sweatin' in Style = Zweet

My friend Marja and I grew up across the street from one another. Like most kids, we both loved playing outside. In elementary school, it started with riding bikes, rollerblading, TV tag and riding on skateboards down the hill on our street. In high school, it was varsity volleyball. It was all about what we were doing, and not necessarily about what we were wearing. As we got older, things did change. It took me a little longer to catch on, but Marja was always ahead of the fashion curve. I do believe it was Marja who taught me in elementary school that socks should match your outfit. Seems basic now, but it was mind-blowing at the time. I needed the fashion advice back then and thank goodness she was there to help. Well, once again Marja has come to the rescue with her new line of high-end fitness apparel.

Some Zweet stylish sport wear!

I am so happy to introduce you to Zweet Sport!

Here is a little about Zweet and their vision...

Zweet Sport is a high end active wear company that is dedicated to providing fashion forward designs with incredible fit. We carefully select every element that is incorporated into our products, as we feel that quality doesn’t just come from the way a garment looks, but also how it feels. Zweet Sport’s collection is ideal for any fitness or sports activity, as all of our garments provide a wicking agent that keeps skin feeling dry. Our garments will not sag or lose shape once damp from perspiration, nor will they lose their original fit. In addition to that, Zweet Sport is committed to supporting the green initiative. We purposely do not package our products in any type of plastic, cellophane, or harsh non-biodegradable material.

Their vision...

At Zweet Sport, we demand and expect the very best out of each and every product we deliver. We are dedicated to providing high quality, fashion focused designs that promote the inner athlete in all of us.

Marja and co-owner Kimberly are two women that have created Zweet Sport from a passion for living a healthy lifestyle "oh-so fashionably". Take a look at the line and see what I mean!  These two women have put so much into every part of this venture; right down to each stitch. It's amazing to see someone I know take an idea and make it a reality with hard work and perseverance.

I wanted to review this line because Marja is my childhood friend and I am sooo excited for her. I also reviewed Zweet Sport because I believe in what they are doing!

It's high-end, yet affordable. It looks amazing. It feels amazing. It is amazing!

As they put it, it's where "Fashion Meets Function".

To see more about Zweet sport and to view the collection visit http://www.zweetsport.com/ .

Find Zweet on Twitter and Facebook too!

Congratulations Marja, Kimberly, Ariana and the Zweet Sport team! You gals have something really great here!

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