Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: A Reminder of Why I Love What I Do

While at my dentist appointment yesterday, my very sweet hygienist took my pulse and then said, "Wow, 45...you must work out all the time." I told her that I am a runner and her eyes lit up like when I told Kimber that Santa is coming soon!

See, she is a beginning runner. Never did she see herself running anywhere. She even referred to her new running habit as "accidental". It started as a daily walk prescribed by her doctor. Then she started feelin' pretty good, so she picked it up to a jog. Before she knew it...she was running.

She went on to tell me about how she has lost 58 pounds since April, but that the weight loss is just part of the motivation to keep running She loves the feeling of reaching her running goals; pushing herself a little further each time. First it was a 5K. Now she is training for a 10K. She is hooked on running and loving it! She's reading books, asking for advice, sharing her ups and downs...it's great!

Her excitement for this new part of her life was infectious. I love running too. But I had forgotten what it feels like to be new at something, to hit my first 2 miles without walking, to finish my first race, to do something I never imagined I could do. Whether it is running, parenting, your profession, whatever...it is good to get back to why you love whatever it is you are doing. When you get back to that feeling, it's revitalizing. It gives me the energy I need to set new goals and feel that way again.

The excitement of my hygienist's accomplishments brought back those feelings for me. After some time, I think we tend to forget. I'm so happy for this woman and I thank her for bringing back those feelings in me; remembering why I love what I do. She's a reminder of how when one person changes his or her life, it has the power to motivate others and bring happiness to many.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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