Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: White Wheat

I love a good sandwich. Whether it is just a good old fashioned grilled cheese or a PB & J, bread is an essential part of the sandwich. With recent low-carb crazes, bread has been the enemy. Yet carbohydrates, such as the ones found in bread, are a necessary nutrient for a balanced diet.

Not all breads are made equal. Some are stripped of all the good stuff as a result of the refining process, while others are packed with fiber and grains. We like to eat "white wheat" in our house. It looks and tastes like white bread, however it claims to be made with more fiber, therefore it is better for us. I decided to do a little more bread research to make sure we really are making a smart choice with "white wheat". Here is what I found...

As long as the bread is labeled "White WHOLE Wheat", then it is a better choice. Regular white breads are made with refined grains, which go through a process that strips out certain parts of the grain. But white whole-wheat bread — like regular whole-wheat bread — is made with the whole grain.

The great news is that the bread we are eating is just as nutritious as whole-wheat AND it tastes great! Bonus! On that note, I just might make myself a peanut butter and honey...on White Whole Wheat!


  1. I use white whole wheat flour a lot when baking. My family likes it much more than regular whole wheat.

  2. I'm going to have to check our bread now. brb...

    I'm happy to see that we use whole grain white!



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