Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Feeling Great at Any Weight

Today’s post is short and sweet, yet hopefully speaks volumes. I've been hearing stories of women who don’t want to go places because they have put on a little weight or they haven’t shed those post-baby pounds yet. They allow that number on the scale to dictate their entire mood, self-worth and essentially, their lives. Are you telling me that some lousy pounds have that much control over us?

It’s time to take a stand against those pounds. Sure, we know when they are there, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to, nor should they see the disappointment in our sour faces. A little weight fluctuation happens to the best of us. In my opinion, if you didn't put on 5 pounds on your vacation, then you didn't have a real vacation. So, get it together! Put on something you feel beautiful and comfortable in; accessorize with some great earrings or a knock-out pair of shoes. Do your hair. Put on a little make-up if you so choose. Most importantly…smile. Do those things and you will light up the room. Not a single soul will notice those “extra” pounds, especially you. Plus, that positive attitude will help you along your weight loss journey (just a little side bonus).

Don’t put off your life and happiness for a number on a scale. Life is too short. Embrace your body at any weight and be happy. That is truly beautiful.


  1. What a great message, you are so right!

  2. So right... Funny, but i am living in a place that does not have a scale. After weighing myself daily for years (depression following), I have no clue what I weigh and I feel great.

    Returning in a few days to my home (with the scale). I intend to hide it in the back of the closet



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