Saturday, March 6, 2010

Paula Deen's Lean: Breakfast in a Cup

I'm so sorry if you were hoping that this was a new recipe for making a skinny caramel vanilla latte. Believe it or not, our bodies need a little more nourishment than the coffee bean can provide. Now, let's not get crazy and toss the coffee cup just yet. This new twist on Paula Deen's Breakfast in a Cup will provide a low-fat, filling breakfast that goes great along with your favorite morning beverage.

Makes 1 Serving


For Grits-
1 pack Quaker Oats Instant Grits (butter flavored)

For Scrambled Eggs-
1 egg
1 egg white
1 tablespoon Fat Free sour cream
1 tablespoon Fat Free Milk
pepper to taste

For Meat:
3 pieces of Canadian bacon

1-2 tablespoons 2% shredded cheddar cheese


Prepare the grits according to package directions, using water.

To scramble eggs, start with a pan heating at medium heat. Crack one whole egg and one egg white into a small bowl. Add pepper, milk and sour cream. Wisk together. Spray pan with fat free cooking spray and pour mixture into the pan. Use a spoon to scramble.

To cook Canadian bacon, either microwave according to directions on the packaging or fry in a small pan; using fat free cooking spray, of course. Chop when cooked.

To put it all together, begin by spooning the grits into the mug. Then, add the chopped Canadian bacon as the second layer. Next, add the scrambled eggs. And finally, load up the top with shredded cheese. For a little extra flare, add some parsley to garnish.


This is another one of those dishes that doesn't really get justice by looking at the picture. I chose a glass mug so that you can see the layers, but it kind of looks like a pile of mush. No fears, it is delicious!
This recipe really appealed to me because it is served in a cup. Since high school, I have been throwing my breakfast into a cup as I run out the door.  I remember my friends saying, "There's Lindsay with her breakfast cup again? Watcha got in there today?" Some things never change.
It's just easy and it conveniently fits into my car cup holder. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it shouldn't be neglected. Even if you don't have time to sit down and enjoy a big breakfast, this doesn't mean that you are left with only shakes and bars. Fitting all that goodness into a cup allows us to eat the way we want to, if we only had the time. No more excuses. There is time for breakfast again! Try this  great alternative to fast food, shakes and breakfast bars!

NUTRITION FACTS (per serving): 298 calories;  8.32g fat;  25.53g carbohydrate;  30.25g protein; 1.2g fiber

**Looking to cut some fat? Use 1/2 cup egg substitute (Egg Beaters) in place of egg and egg white. Saves 5g fat.


  1. I love grits, eggs and bacon - so this sounds perfect!
    I bet you can even make the bacon and eggs ahead of time for those on the rush mornings.

  2. too funny... Love everything, seems odd to not have it on a plate, but why not... go Paula!

  3. Sounds yummy! Much better than the usual "oatmeal in a cup" I have going on. More filling too :) Thanks for sharing this leaner version of Paula's recipe.

  4. Well, I think the breakfast in a cup thing is just genious! Seriously, you could put most anything in a cup. I'm not sure why I haven't considered this before. Anyways, yummy recipe as always!!

  5. Thank you for stopping by - I love your blog. It's perfect - Ms. Paula in a way we can actually live with! Now following so I don't miss anything.

  6. Breakfast in a cup, other than coffee... Sounds interesting!! Stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a great day!!

  7. mmm, yum! That looks so good, I like that it's lean, so far all the dishes I've made of Paula's was anything BUT lean :)

  8. Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Thought I would return the favor, and oh my stinkin' goodness!!! I am glad I did. I love Paula Deen and all of her full of fat, yummy Southern cooking. Alas, my rear end (and thighs) DO NOT! So, if you have made her dishes leaner . . . you are my new best friend!! Hooray!! :)
    Am following . . . :)



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