Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Beachwear That Suits You

We are coming up on that season that many women fear; SWIMSUIT SEASON! I don't know how many times I hear ladies say "no thank you" to a cookie at a faculty meeting because they only have "X" numbers of months, weeks or days until they must put on this feared fabric. This little number has the power to completely consume our lives. I know. It does the same thing to me too. It's time to stop this swimsuit anxiety once and for all. Let's take a new look at swimsuits. From this point forward, it's not all about making our body fit the suit. It is also about finding the suit that fits us!

Women come in many beautiful shapes and sizes. And guess what ladies...so do swimsuits! Changing the color, cut or fabric of a suit can totally take you from a state a depression to a state of excitement. Remember, if a suit doesn't look good, it's the suit, not you. We need to find the styles made for us. The first thing we must identify is our body type. What best defines my shape? Then consider what we'll be doing while wearing this suit (reading in the sun, playing volleyball or swimming laps). Function also plays a role in selecting a suit. Believe me, string bikinis are not best for playing the in waves at the beach.

Here is a link to Fitness Magazine. The article offers a guide for finding the best swim suit for your body. It also includes pictures, giving examples of possible options. Take a look and see what is out there for you. At no other time of the year are we as "out there" as we are on the beach or at the pool. Essentially, it is like we are walking around in our bra and undies. Who wouldn't be a little self-conscious, right? Well, instead, we need to feel beautiful, strong and confident out there in our little swim suits. We are outside in the sun to have some fun, not to worry about how we are lookin'. We should step out knowing we look great! It starts with finding the suit that is going to show off our shapes and allows us to feel comfortable. If you want to feel sexy in a suit this summer, find your fit and wear it with confidence.

Now go out and have some fun swimsuit shoppin'! Oh, and don't forget to pick up some sunscreen too. 

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