Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lean Paula Deen: Alice Jo's Spaghetti

In the mood for a little Italian? On this particular night, my family was craving some good-old spaghetti. What I love about this dish, especially in these times, is that it can feed a lot of people for very little money. Normally it is just myself, my husband (Rudy) and my daughter at the dinner table. But on this night I was also cooking for my sister and her husband. Therefore, I needed something that everyone was sure to like and plenty to satisfy our appetites.

I was looking for a recipe that was a little more sassy than a traditional sauce. On my search for the perfect spaghetti recipe, I stumbled upon Paula Deen's "Alice Jo's Spaghetti Sauce." The ORIGINAL RECIPE can be found on her website at:

The changes that I made to this recipe were minimal. Here is what I did:

* Use 90/10 extra lean ground beef
* Sub 2 tablespoons of Splenda for sugar
* Instead of regular spaghetti noodles, I used WHOLE WHEAT
* Topped dish with Reduced-Fat Parmesan cheese

This sauce was delicious! To complete the meal, I served this dish with garlic bread and a salad. No one left the table hungry and there was even enough for lunch the next day. A flavorful dinner for 4 for under $20...not too bad if you ask me! ENJOY!!

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  1. You can also use ground turkey instead of beef. When browning turkey use a teaspoon of olive oil per pound of meat. My family actual likes the turkey better than beef....the sauce has less grease.



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