Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Keepin' It Real...Keepin' It Lean

Every now and then, people I know will ask me for advice on how to lose weight. These are friends, acquaintances or people from school. Knowing what I do for a living, plus writing this blog, they are able to trust me as a good source of information on weight loss.

The thing is, I am not a professional dietitian. I don't feel comfortable prescribing diets to people nor should I be. If they are looking for a meal by meal plan on how to lose weight, they aren't gonna get it from me. Not only am I technically unqualified to do such a thing, I don't believe in it either! Doctors and dietitians are trained to create these specific diets for people that need it for one reason or another. If a friend is asking me for some simple tricks to livin' lean, here's what I say...

  1. Keepin' It Real: Look for foods that aren't processed. Think "Natural Ingredients & Flavors". If you can't pronounce it, it is probably not good for ya. Ideally, you want foods that are not bought in a package (think fruits, veggies and nuts).
  2. Shop the Outside: The perimeter of the store is where you will find fresh foods. The packaged and processed stuff is in the aisles. Stick to the outside and avoid the urge to pick up those "snacky" foods.
  3. Eat on "3": Eat a little something every 3 hours and make sure it includes a moderate amount of all 3 components- protein, fat and carbohydrates.
  4. Drop the Sugar: You are sweet enough! Sugar is just a source of extra calories that leave you feelin' low on energy. Things such as sodas, fruit juice, cakes, cookies and some cereals contain high amounts of sugar. Only enjoy on occasion or in moderation.
  5. Don't Be EXTREME: With all this being said, don't go swearing off foods or counting every single thing you eat. Healthy eating is about being aware of what you are consuming, not obsessing over it.
Like I said, I have never been a huge fan of calorie/carb counting diets. I know that for others, this method works great and I love that (which is why I include nutrition facts with my recipes)! It just doesn't work for me. Eating right doesn't have to be so much work. Just sticking to a few general rules seems to be enought to keep things on track. It is a plan I can stick with for life.

Over time, I have learned that it is as much about HOW we eat as it is WHAT we eat. Choosing healthy foods is important, but remember the HOW:  eat slowly, eat regularly and please, please, please...enjoy the foods you are eating!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend. Have a fabulous Tuesday!!


  1. Amen. Great advice.

    I am a believer that the moment you complicate food, nothing good will happen.


  2. Lots of good solid advice. Everything in moderation unless it triggers a binge!



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