Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Start Fresh, Move Forward

With another school year starting (and for me it is tomorrow), I find it appropriate to talk about fresh starts. The beginning of something is always a time when we think about starting fresh. Whether it be the beginning of a calendar year, a change into a different career or even the start of a brand new day, I think it is important to begin with a fresh outlook. Let go of the heavy baggage that you held onto the day before. Leave what you can not change and look forward to the things you will make happen. Each morning is a fresh start for me, which is probably why I am such a morning person. It is a new day. A day that has the potential to be something great. This is coming from a "how I try to live a happy life" perspective. But the same concept applies to fitness and food.

This past weekend was a blast for us! I spent Saturday in Baltimore with my Hubby and Kimber; checking out the aquarium and enjoying some yummy food.

Checkin' out turtles in the Rain Forest @ the National Aquairium.
Then I went out to celebrate my great friend Allison's 30th that night. Wow, it feels like not too long ago we were throwing down at Elon celebrating 21st birthdays. Anyway, we had a lot of fun, as you can see!

On Sunday, I traveled back home with the fam to host a birthday cook-out/party for my Mom, Dad and many friends. Nope...the weekend isn't over yet! Monday was a day off for Hubby, so that means that the two of us had a date day. We ran some errands, went out to lunch, had some drinks and finished the evening out watching Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef while eating ice cream.

Notice that at no point in the recap of the weekend did I mention anything about a healthy, home-cooked meal or an amazing workout. That's because it didn't happen. This weekend was full of fun, but I splurged a bit in the food and drink department. It wasn't waaaay over-the-top, but it definitely wasn't the usual routine for me. So instead of getting up this morning, feeling sluggish and guilty about my weekend shenanigans, I made today a fresh start!

I woke up a little before 8 and had a healthy breakfast of oatmeal. Then, I hit the treadmill for a 4.5 mile run and ended with some upper-body weight training. In just matter of a couple hours, I am back on track! The weekend didn't ruin me. It was actually really fun to let lose a bit. But I can see how it could be easy to fall into some unhealthy patterns. Thank goodness for fresh starts.

So, the point I wanna make here is don't go beating yourself up about splurges and moments of weakness. So what if you ate a little something you don't noramlly have or drink a few more than you should?!?! It's not the end of your life as a fit and fabulous person. Each day is a fresh start and a chance to live your healthiest, happiest life. Start fresh and move forward.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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  1. totally agree. You have to have fun and let loose but not fall off the wagon completely so to speak! Sounds like a great time!



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