Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: Rainy Day Activity

We haven't had many this summer, so as I look out my window and see the rain coming down, I can't say that I am upset. We need the rain! But there is one little girl that might not appreciate the rain as much as I do...and that is Kimber. Even though she understands that the trees and the flowers are thirsty, it still doesn't dismiss the fact that rain cuts into pool time. Tuesdays and Thursdays are our pool days. She knows the routine by now. We pack up the pool bag after lunch and head over to the neighbor's house for a couple hours of Mommy-Kimber swim time. It is a blast! Now what? In case it doesn't clear up, I need to think of some rainy-day activities to keep us moving! Here are some that might work for us today. If you see any you like, keep them in mind for your next rainy day home with the kids.

Rainy Day Activity Ideas for You & Your Little Ones
Panda Bread from Gourmet-Mom-on-the Go.
  • Cook Somethin'! ~ OK, you knew this was going to be one, right? Find a kid-friendly recipe to make with your kids. This is a great time to teach kitchen safety, nutrition, science and even some math! Check out some of Kimber's recipes or stop by my friend Mandy's blog at Gourmet Mom-On-the-Go. She has really cute ideas family fun in the kitchen.

  • Edible Art ~ My friend Anne wowed me with this great idea for an art project for kids that may still eat paint if you let them use it. Take some Cool Whip (sugar free, naturally) and put a big spoonful in a few pinch bowls. Drop a little food coloring in each, creating multiple colors of "finger paint". Get a white plastic place mat or cutting sheet and let them go to town decorating their canvas. If the hands go in the mouth...no big deal! It's just Cool Whip! Love this idea. Smart.

  • Clean Up, Clean Up ~ Maybe my child is a little different, but she LOVES cleaning! If this sounds like your child...use it to your advantage. Start cleaning and ask the little ones to join in the fun. General cleaning can burn around  215 calories per hour (150 pound woman), so if you can't fit in a work out, this is a nice alternative. Check out how your exact calorie burn with this calculator from SELF

  • Just Dance ~ For Kimber, we can just throw on some music and dance. Laughing and dancing burns calories, plus it is very entertaining to see the new moves that little ones will bust out. If your kids are a little older (late elementary to middle), you could try making up a dance routine. They can practice for hours and even put on a big show when they have it down to perfection! Just think, Dancing with the Stars-Kids Edition in your living room. Priceless. Don't forget to charge the video recorder!

  • Places to Go ~ You don't have to stay home. You can always take the little ones out and about. Try bowling, skating, an indoor playground, a pottery decorating  place or museums.These are all activities done on your feet; giving you and your children more activity than just going to the movies.
I better get going on our rainy day activities! Kimber and I are cooking something fun today for Kimber's Korner and then (if the weather doesn't improve) we are heading out to Kidz Play, which is a fun indoor playground full of those inflatable bouncies found at birthday parties and carnivals. Fun!

Have a great Tuesday and remember that rainy days do not have to be lazy days.

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  1. I love this ideas and the ice cream treat would be a hit in this house!



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