Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Livin' Lean Topic Tuesday: New Year's Resolutions

When referring to the Merriam-Webster's definition of "resolution", it appears that for something to be a true resolution, there must first be a problem that needs to be solved. Take a look. This is copied directly from the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Are you getting what I am getting here?

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Definition of RESOLUTION

1: the act or process of resolving: as
a : the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones
b : the act of answering : solving
c : the act of determining

This does make perfect sense when applied to our New Year's Resolutions. People who are vowing to manage debt better as their NYR (New Year's Resolution) are more than likely having some difficulty in that area. Those who choose to loose weight as their goal are the ones having trouble keeping the pounds from creepin' on. People who are super stressed may decide to dedicate more time a week to yoga or meditation. Whatever the "resolution" may be, we are all going to have to do one thing in common to meet these goals; change.

Change is tough. A lot of people fight it because it makes us feel uncomfortable. It can scare us. So as we call on ourselves to make this change, let's consider the reason behind the resolution. After all, Merriam-Webster does define resolution as an "act of analyzing". Is this a change that is needed to improve the overall quality of my life? If it truly is, then go with it. Go all the way and stick with it. The impact of your change will only remain for as long as you are implementing it. Let's face it, if it is a really important NYR, then we want it to more than a year. What we want is more like a new life resolution!

In my own true fashion, I must end on a positive note to this whole New Year's Resolution thing. You know, when we try to think of one, we end up focusing on the negative. What can I do better? How can I look better? You get the picture. Try this. Think about the great things you are doing. Pin-point the positive aspects in your life and make a New Year's Resolution to keep doing them. We already work hard at what we do. Let's not forget that. Deciding to continue something can be just as valuable as opting for a change.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and wonderful New Year! And best to you...whether you go for a change or vow to keep doin' the same fabulous things.


  1. Oh, I so agree with this! I have been dieting, and instead of putting an amount of weight as my goal, I am going to continue to be healthy in my habits. I think it works better! (And besides, how can I argue when I have lost 40 lbs doing it!) Love the post today!

  2. This is great inspiration! I think you are spot on, Lindsay! Healthy is a positive, life giving behavior and it works!



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